Figure Skating Programs

Private Instruction

Private lessons offer the skater, regardless of age or skating level, the opportunity to work one-on-one with one. Private lessons help the skater master difficult skills and prepare for participation in the competitive environment.  Lesson dates, times, and frequency are set up between skater and coach.  Private lessons are offered for a variety of skills including:  ice show solos, basic skills, test preparation, competition participation, freestyle, moves in the field, power skating, and ice hockey.

Private lessons are taught during McCall FSC ice time, public sessions, stick and puck and during freestyle times.

Summer Programs – Dream Team

Spring and summer is go time for figure skating.  Dream Team group lessons are a chance to specialize our training and prepare skaters for tests, competitions, and move up to a new level in a team environment.  Cost is $8.00 per Dream Team Lesson + ice time.  Purchasing a 2 month pass from the rink can help with ice time costs. Choose 1 Dream Team Lesson or all the lessons your skater qualifies for to help them improve and give them more instruction for a fraction of the cost of a private lesson.  3 Dream Team Lessons = $24.00 That’s 1.5 hours of instruction for less than a price of 1 private lesson. 

Moves in the Field— Semi private lesson with 3 or more skaters.  Skaters will focus on the four main principles of moves; power, extension, edge quality, and quickness.  This lesson is designed to help the skaters prepare for moves in the field testing. 

Off ice S.T.A.R.S Program – Semi private lesson. Cross Training for Figure skaters.  This off ice workout follows the US Figure Skating’s S.TA.R.S program. S.T.A.R.S. is a system of off-ice fitness assessment and development designed to support U.S. Figure Skating’s existing testing and competition progressions. Its development is based primarily to ensure that young figure skaters are physically prepared to handle the introduction of new, more complex and more demanding skating skills; and to reduce the potential for injury typically sustained during the training of these new skills.

Axel 101—Semi private with 3 or more skaters.  Focus will be on jump techniques, and drills needed to learn, land, and conquer the axel.  Must be Free Skate 4 or higher.

Interpretive -Creative Movement — Semi private lesson with 3 or more skaters.  This lesson is designed to teach the skaters the fundamentals of choreography and develop the artistic side of each skater.

Spins 101 — Semi private lesson with 3 or more skater that is a beginning spin lesson for those skaters in Basic 8- Free Skate 4.  We will start to learn the foundation spins; Scratch spin, sit spin, back spin, and camel spin.  All spins are variations of these four basic positions.

Spins 201 — Semi private lesson with 3 or more skaters.  This is a more advanced spin lesson for those skaters to learn variation spins, flying spins, combination spins and catch foot spins.