About Coach Leesa

Leesa has over 25 years coaching experience.  20 years of management experience in the skating industry.  She earned a B.A. in Sociology from Boise State University.  Member of the U.S.  Figure Skating since 1978, member of the Professional Skaters Association since 1998 and USA Hockey since 2008. She spent 3 years as a US Figure Skating Basic Skills Area Representative. She is a Professional Skater Association Master Rated Program Director. She holds a PSA registered rating in moves in the field & free skating, a PSA senior rating in group instruction and she is Level 1 & 2 hockey accredited & power skate coach with the PSA.  She is bronze medalist in free skate and a double adult gold medalist with US Figure Skating.   Leesa’s skaters have won gold, silver, bronze and pewter medals at US Figure Skating’s Pacific Northwest Regionals. leesa@icesk8academy.com  www.icesk8academy.com