Team Pizza Party

A celebration of accomplishments. We celebrated all the hard work we did over the very long and snowy winter. The whole team moved up at least one level, some skaters moved up 2 or 3 levels. As we enter our new competitive season it was important to acknowledge the hard work, build on our team work, and learn about gratitude. Each skater received a Gratitude Journal and we participated in a kindness exercise. Each skater wrote compliments under each other’s names. And we talked about how finding the good in each day will help us to stay positive as we grow and move forward in our lives. How when you are having a very bad day you can turn it around by reflecting on the one positive thing.

Practicing Gratitude is a life lesson that I hope to pass along to each of my skaters. It can help them cope with the hard times in life and can fill their lives with happiness.

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